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about the hosts


Melissa Martinez

Melissa is a southern girl proudly hailing from the great state of TEXAS, y'all! She is a Photo Editor by day with a fur baby named Murphy and now a Podcast Producer by night. When she's not editing or producing, she's finding ways to make Murphy internet famous so he can start helping with rent and hanging out with her close knit group of friends.


Cyndi Beck

This blue crab pickin’, steamed shrimp eatin’ Baltimore native is now calling NYC home. Passionate about all things food and travel and supportive of all things local and dive, she spends free time trying to do it all! Her ultimate life long goal is to be a mother to a squishy, rolly polly bulldog.


Victoria Belanger

A southerner by birth and a northerner by blood, Victoria lives in Brooklyn, New York. She splits her time between being a Photographer, Art Buyer, Digital Asset Manager, Cookbook Author, Content Contributor, Cyclist and Animal Lover. Occasionally, she finds time for friends, family, travel, sleep...and now, podcasting!

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