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Much Like this show....

...I am sucking at keeping up with the recap blog. In this post, I am combining both Episodes 2 and 3. I am already behind on this. Ok, so let's just get right into it.

Episode 2: "#TeamJack" (We discuss episodes 4, 5 and 6.)

We are pleased to announce that our friend, Cyndi has joined the podcast. I thought this would be her only appearance but as it turns out she kind of got into totally crapping on this show and it's characters. She was able to quickly pick on on a lot of the storylines and drama that has already unfolded in this show. For some context, Cyndi has never seen Dawson's Creek like Victoria and she's beginning her journey on Basic Teen TV by coming in almost in the middle of season 2. Right off the bat, she has some serious comments and opinions.

  1. Juvenile dysfunction with teachers boning students and teenagers boning 30-year old fishermen. In general, none of this type of drama every occurred in her high-school and to be fair this kind of drama never occurred in Victoria's or my high-school.

  2. And she saw way to0 much of James Vanderbeek's character Dawson Leary.

Speaking of fishermen, I just want to give a quick shoutout to this actor. Here's a still from the show as he planned fisherman Vincent.

This is Joe Flanigan and he's had quite a career, mostly in TV but he ain't done so bad for himself.

All of us continue to struggle with how existential and thoughtful these characters. Normal teenagers would never be acting or talking like these characters are acting and talking. At least this is a theme that continues throughout the entire series.

Ok so let's get into some more specific things that we discuss, whether directly about the show or one of the MANY tangents that we get lost in.

  • Victoria and Cyndi were quite confused by the phrase "road titties." At this point in our show we were discussing the really stupid things we used to do as teenagers like stealing road signs and I mentioned that my friends and I used to steal "road titties." Here is a picture to illustrate. I do not know why we stole these things but why did teenagers do a lot of the things they did - because they are stupid.

  • Very quickly, Cyndi has shown allegiance to Jack and is proud to say she is #TeamJack. She has a propension of dudes who wear their baseball caps backwards. And he's into art which makes him able to connect with Joey. She already wants Joey and Jack to get together.

  • We also marvel at the 90's home decor that we see throughout this show. It is very 90's and something we can all remember.

  • We start to get a glimpse at the drama that is going on Andy's life as there is a kerfuffle (as Cyndi put it) when they attempt to go on their first date. Andy frantically admits that family tragedy that has occurred and the fall out from that of her mother being thrown into what looks like a delusion depression. Pacey is actually quite compassionate.

  • And Cyndi is surprised to find out that Dawson is a brawler because we have now seen the second time that Dawson has gotten into a fight with another dude a school sanctioned dance.

Episdoe 3: "Kegs and Eggs" (We discuss episodes 7, 8 and 9)

Alright so now we move on to to the next group of episodes and this one is explosive both literally and figuratively. If you've listen to this episode you would have heard a massive explosion that went off right outside my apartment. It scared the shit out of Victoria and Cyndi and it just cracked me up. We deduced that it was probably just fireworks and went back to our normal recording of the show. Other explosive moments happen in the show when

  • Tamara Jacobs returns which was a jaw-dropping, explosive moment for me. I thought we was completely dunzo in this who but oh, no...the writers bring her back just as Pacey is developing a relationship with Andy. However it is quickly and strangely wrapped up and everyone moves on.

  • The whole gang take a "purity test" while they are supposed to be studying and this where Victoria mentions that it was Jane Magazine that would sent out mixtapes to it's subscribers. I was able to find out that it was actually Sassy Magzine which looks it was an even MORE alternateen magazine than Jane might have been. I was hoping Victoria would be able to find one of these mixtapes but unfortunately she couldn't. But here is a nice article that on the magazine's 30th anniversary gives the top reasons why Sassy was such a great magazine for young girls!

  • Andy learns of Pacey's illicit and illegal affair with Ms. Tamara Jacobs, the teacher and therefore he's not a virgin. That's like 2 bombs in one in Andy's world.

  • Joey and Dawson have broken up and we see how they both try to navigate their relationship post break up. I mean maybe not an explosive moment but since the beginning of this show we might think that theirs is a relationship to stand the test of time. It only lasted a couple of episodes.

  • And Jen is slipping back into he bad girls ways from her days in New York. And in these episodes we are introduced to Chris Wolf who is played by Jason Behr who went on to have his own successful teen TV drama, Roswell. Cyndi is repulsed by his pendant choker which he never takes off even in the hottub.

  • One quick thing: Jen's morning hair...that's it.

  • And then we move on to the final episode of "Kegs and Eggs" where in some of the gang decide to run in the student body elections. Bad girl, Abby is back on the scene and just outs Andy and her family's struggles as a reason why she should not be elected. This totally breaks Andy down but in comes Pacey to the rescue and turns the tables on Abby and is able to get the whole school to hear how much Abby is just a completely horrible human being. And we are lead to believe that the nerds win the election.

  • Two of Cyndi's biggest complaints is that we do not know if the kids actually take that literature test and what grades they get. All we see if them dive fully clothed into Chris Wolf's pool. And Cyndi also is not able to get closure on who actually did win the election. I mean, was it the nerds????

And finally, I am continuing to add to the soundtrack Spotify playlist to keep the 90's good time vibes going!

Ok, so there it is. Whoa! That was a lot to cover. I'll be back for your next recap of Episdoe 4, "1-800-Red-Roof" which was released just this Monday. As always, remember to subscribe to the podcast, rate and review us, and follow us on IG.

Until next time!

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