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Season 3 is a Snoozefest so far...

So, we are now almost or close to half way through season 3 and after the first three episodes this season has taken a little bit of a nose dive with some pretty boring and uninteresting episodes.

Here are some of the maybe more interesting plot points:

  1. Jack is figuring out how is just supposed to be in this world as a young gay man.

  • Jack tries a couple of things in order to feel more comfortable in his skin; with being a gay man in the world. He allows his story to be told through an editorial news piece that Dawson produced for his mom's news television show.

  • He tries to go on a coffee date with a fellow gay guy that has reached out to him after his story was released but chickened out. That was really sad because Ben Street was super cute.

  • And while the rest of the gang is at a local college for a visit, he tries to go to gay bar but gets totally freaked out. But on that same trip he meets Ethan who seems a bit unwilling to being Jack's gay guide.

2. Jen and Henry are turning into a will they or won't they situation.

  • After being set up on a bait-and-switch date, Jen basically coerces Henry into being her date for the HQ gala but still does not have true feelings for poor Henry.

  • She tries to be-friend him at Capefest but Henry was not having it. Well he was sort of but wasn't. He doesn't just want to friends with Jen. He wants more. Jen is still not feeling it.

3. Joey and Dawson are still being Joey and Dawson

  • Joey is still feeling slighted when Dawson doesn't confide in her about everything single thing.

  • But can they really just be friends? Who knows and who cares!? Ha!

  • Dawson goes through his usual existential crisis and Joey is still kind of a bitch in every episode so far.

4. Andi just seems to be come more and more neurotic with every "new" episode

  • She tries to be the hall monitor

  • She tries to be the assistant art director

5. Pacey is still kind of being Pacey but in a good way. We all still like Pacey more than any of these other characters. And at the end of our recent episode ("Love is the Hardest of Woods"), Pacey is starting to develop feelings for Joey.

  • Pacey starts to fail his classes again after his breakup from Andi.

  • He decides to do the school play which seems like an odd character shift of him

That's just been my quickest assessment of where we stand with the Capeside gang. We realize that Jen Lindley is Cyndi's Ride-or-Die bitch. She loves Jen and absolutely hates Dawson and Joey. Victoria is kind of indifferent to any of the characters and I have no attachment or strong feelings about anyone. I'm not quite sure why I even liked this show in the first place. But will or press on and get through this show!!! We must!

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