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We're Baaaaaaaaack! Season 2 of Basic Teen TV

Welcome back to Capeside and welcome back to Basic Teen TV! I can't tell who is more excited about Season 2 of Dawson's Creek, me or Victoria? Sounds like that one goes to Victoria.

Ok, so here's a quick recap of our first episode of Basic Teen TV:

  • We are introduced to 2 new characters this season. It's pretty clear that these two are going to become major characters and quickly become part of the gang. I am talking about Andy and Jack McPhee. We think Andy is a potential future love interest for Pacey. She literally makes a crash entrance to the show when she gets into a fender bender with Pacey. While Jack...well, we're not sure what his role is in contributing to the drama of Capeside.

  • Joey and Dawson have been kissing for the entire summer apparently. We ended Season 1 with them making out in Dawson's room and we open up episode 1 of Season 2 they are still kissing! That is a long-ass kiss.

  • Also, Jen has been wondering the entire summer why she let Dawson go and quickly jumps into action in the first episode. She clearly is suffering from the old adage - "you want what you can't have."

  • And do y'all remember Abby? The bad girl from the "Breakfast Club" homage episode? She is back on the scene and itching to become friends to the other resident bad girl, Jen. But just how "bad" are these girls really??? Not that bad if they get sloppy drunk after sharing one bottle of champagne. Ha!

  • Then there was episode 3 called "Alternative Lifestyles" which presented a pretty transparent plot that further develops relationships between all of our Capeside kids. Pacey and Andy are paired up and Dawson and Jen are paired up. Meanwhile, poor Joey is all on her own but Victoria and I saw this as a great opportunity for her to see what life would be like without Dawson. That's a good thing, Joey!

  • And in the biggest draw-dropping moment, TAMARA JACOBS RETURNS!! Seriously? What is happening right now? What's going to happen? What is Pacey going to do? How is he going to react? OMG! OMG! OMG!!!

Ok, so in keeping with try to give ya'll all of the songs from the show, I've continued to add to the Spotify playlist I created. Check in out here:

I've taken some time and done my best to catalogue all of the known and available songs here in this playlist. It surely is a trip!

This playlist includes songs from Season 1 and now the first three episodes of Season 2.

One last thing before I let you go: we've created our official Instagram account so please give us a follow! Find us @basicteentv or you can click this picture right here.

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