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Life in Capeside is about to...not change much

So this blog post is going to combine the last two episodes. My full time job has made some drastic changes and it's affected my work/life balance just a little bit!

I don't think I have that much to write on regarding the last two episodes. As we close out season 1 of Dawson's Creek we are hit with a few cliffhangers. But of course we would because how else are the writers going to make sure that we return for season 2. We all know that Dawson and Joey kiss but what does this really mean? What is Jen going to do? and then what about Pacey? What's his new storyline going to be?? But one big thing we've come to learn is that Victoria really does not like the character of Jen. I'm sure you've been noticing that for quite some time if you've been listening. She is fed up! Lol!

Here are a few items that bug her about, not only Jen but about the whole love triangle that's been boiling in this show

1. Boy meets girl, boy puts girl on an unrealistic pedestal, reality hits that girl could never meet those expectations, boy blames girl for her falling short.

2. How about the fact that Pacey is the only one who seems to be able to clearly see the that all of the girls have a crush on Dawson and Dawson only has his eye on Jen (at least through episode 12).

3. Jen is just a down-right bitch. She's completely apathetic about going out with Cliff. At the age of 15, she think she's had enough of guys that she needs to be on her own for while. And her yo-yo'ing between not wanting to be with Dawson and then wanting to be with Dawson. Ugh!

I get it, Victoria...Jen is super annoying (so far)!

One of my favorite words that Victoria makes up is "numnut-ness." This was in reference to Cliff and his continually wanting to date Jen and seeming to forget that he's already been out on like 2 or 3 dates with Jen. Temporary amnesia maybe??? "Numnut-ness" - I am determined to get this into Webster's Dictionary! Haha!

We are still not sure why it took Dawson and Pacey so long to get home...

I am including a screengrab of Google maps to show the distance between Providence, Rhode Island and Cape Cod, which we are assuming is the general location of fictional Capeside. As you can see here, it's only at most a 2 hour car drive which is about a 3 hour bus ride and the shortest distance is only 76 miles. How is it that Dawson and Pacey arrived back in Capeside the next morning. Still boggles our minds.

Ok, and so I thought that Eric Balfour was in an Offspring music video. I was able to figure out which song I was thinking he was in which was "Pretty Fly for a White Guy." But if this is not Eric Balfour, then who is this guy???

And what do you guys think? Do spoiler alerts really exist in a podcast like ours?? I am leaning towards no, Victoria is a hard no for sure.

I also hope that we have not started to annoy you with the numerous times we drop "hastag team cliff." I know we say it a lot but maybe it's our thing. It probably won't be our thing though for much longer because I don't think Cliff stays around after season 1. So if you're hoping for less #teamcliff then you may just be getting your wish!

I do mention in the last episode that I was beginning to Shazam and take note of all the songs used in the show. As you can tell, if you've been reading this recap/follow up blog that I have already been doing that and so now I will end this post with the list of songs that will be added to our Basic Teen TV Podcast Spotify playlist:

1. "Truly, Madly, Deeply" by Savage Garden

2. "Superman" by Goldfinger

3. "On My Own" Les Miserable (did Katie Holmes actually sing this in the show?)

4. "Angel" by Sara McLaughlin

5. "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain (plays when Joey comes back from vidad, rowing across the Creek to tell Dawson that she's in love but finds Jen in his bed! Ack!)

6. "Broken Road" by Melody Crittendon (plays during the run and chase montage)

6. "Say Goodnight" by Beth Nielsen Chapman

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