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The one where everyone kisses

So I think everything we discussed in this second episode was pretty thorough. I"ll jump right in with the next song to add to your playlist. "All I Want" by Toad the Wet Sprocket. I've added it to the Spotify playlist, so if you follow or subscribe to that playlist then it's all queued up for you!

I also get into some pretty personal stuff regarding my own sexual experiences. I try to remember what my experience level was in high-school and what "base" I had been to with a boy. And then we ventured into this little, weird thing that our mutual friend Cyndi likes to inflict about her boyfriends. She calls it ball tapping and there are certain songs which make this act even more fun for her to do. And this what it looks like...

Tap dem balls

With all of this talk of penises and balls and what to do with them, Victoria and I are trying to keep tabs on the many different metaphors these characters have for masturbation.

1. Walk the dog: code word for masturbating when you don't want people around you to know what you are really talking about. i.e. parents and children

2. Flog the bishop: to masturbate crazily.

*both of these definitions come from Urban Dictionary

Finally, I actually mentioned this in the first episode that Dawson was a walking J. Crew catalog AND!!!! In the credits you'll see that the wardrobe was provided by J. CREW!!!!

I took a screen grab of the credits.

And there you have it....Dawson is not a dirty hippie as Victoria likes to describe him, he was just wearing ill-fitting J. Crew clothes. Lol!

Ok, episode 3 is out tomorrow/today, Monday, July 1st. OMG, I cannot believe it is already July of 2019. This year is going by way to fast. Ok, don't forget to list and leave a rating and review!

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